We’ve cut through the red tape
and made it easier for you to revitalize a vacant lot and make 
your neighborhood stronger.

Now that you have read all about how Power in Dirt works, are you ready to get started?

  • View the map of available vacant lots and identify the vacant
    lot you’d like to adopt. You can adopt more than one.
  • If it’s your first time adopting, complete this online form to 
    adopt one or more of the available lots and get access to water.
  • An adoption agreement will be sent to you. Print, sign, and return two copies of the agreement. If you applied for water, return your 
    signed agreement with your $120 money order or cashier's check 
    payable to "Director of Finance".
  • If you already have an adopted lot and just want access to water only, complete this online form. A water access agreement will be        sent to you. Print, sign and return two copies of the agreement        along with your $120 money order or cashier's check payable to 
    "Director of Finance". 

  • Start thinking about what you’d like to do on the lot; how your friends, family, and people you know in your community could be
    involved; how much you have to spend; and where you can find
    additional resources. For more information, click here.
  • Apply for the Parks & People Foundation’s Neighborhood Greening Grant. You can also apply for other grant money as it becomes available such as the Love Your Block with Trees Program.